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new contact info

Heart felt
We shall have a new landline phone number...408-824-5279. We now live in San Jose and couldn't keep our 650 number...effective 11-7.  And hopefully as of Saturday, November 7th, we have a new address.  

1794 Battersea Ct., San Jose, CA 95132 is the new place.  We shall be hosting a house warming/Christmas Party in December, hopefully.  Then you all can see our new place!


le sigh

So, as I had half figured, there was a catch with the house yesterday.  It was way to reasonably priced for what was offered.  Turns out it was a uber short term rental.  2 to 6 months, only while the owner was recuperating from a slight stroke down in Mexico.  And under orders not to travel.  Too bad, it was a great house.  It would have been very nice for the three of us...So now we're still lookign for a place for us to start out together.  Found a couple of more ads on CL this morning, but would appreciate it if anyone in our area, SFBay area, lower east side, and San Jose, would let us know if there is anything that comes up....we're looking for a 3-4 bed, 2 or more bath house/ the $1800 max rent area.

Thanks in advance!

Re-post of housewarming party invite...

Here is the repost of the housewarming party invitation.


maestrodog and I are thinking we're going to finally have our housewarming party!!!!!  We are planning on having a Tex-mex fiesta on Sunday, October 15th...noonish until 10ish...  I will have taco fixings, margarita fixings, sangrias and a table or two of texas hold-em going on.  We'd love to have as many of you come as you can, just leave an comment here so I can get an accurate count of the day!!!!!!

What:  Housewarming Tex-Mex party, with a slight Halloween flare!
When:  October 15th, Sunday, 12 noon until 10pm, or until people don't want to stay anymore.  We do have an extra bed, and a pretty comfy couch, should someone need crash space!
Where: 2235 California St. Apt 227, upper rear apartment in the far left building as you enter the complex.  There should be plenty of street parking!
Why: Because Joan is finally unpacking and putting away the last of the boxes.  And I want to host a party.
Who: Everyone who wants to come, I am posting this to a couple of lists I belong to, and if you have a friend who is dying for some Tex-mex food, bring them along!

Some things to know about our house.  
1.  Our complex is a smoke free facility and we support that wholeheartedly!
2.  We have a longhaired black cat, who is persnickity *did I spell that right?* so don't feel bad if she snubs you, she does us all the time!
3.  We are pretty easy to get along with.  Hopefully it will still be nice enough to use our wonderful deck outside, and I am hopeful that we won't crowd ourselves out of the apartment.
4.  This is a drama free zone, please.  If you have drama, we'd love it if you could leave it in the car.  
5.  This is a kid friend, but not baby proofed house.  If you have kids, we'd love to have them come too, there is a playground with slides at the complex, so they are welcome to come and if supervised, can use that as well.
6.  We will be providing food, both with and without meat, since we have several friends who are vegetarian.  I will make sure there is a list of what is in each dish by each dish.  The following is what I intend to have available.
            a.  Taco meat and fixin's for yummy tacos
            b.  Fajita fixin's
            c.  Bowl o' red and fixin's for that
            d.  Veggie chili, possibly blackbean chili
            e.  Guacamole and chips o'course...and salsa, I am planning on making some from scratch
            f.  Margaritas on the pitcher
            g.  Sangria's on the glassful
            h.  Mexican chocolate cake, just found a great recipe.
            i.  Pumpkin bread, just 'cuz I want to make it...
            j.  Fresh fruit available on the counter
           k.  Dessert sushi will be available as well, some with a slight mexican flare

All of above is going to be available most of the day, the Sangrias will be alcoholized, with lots of fresh fruit to nibble on.  Margaritas will be available as well, both leaded and unleaded versions, ie: with and without Tequila...

Is there anything else I forgot?  

IF there is someone that doesn't read LJ that I forgot to send an invite to, please leave me a comment and I'll contact you to get their contact info.  Please pass this among our friends to make sure that everyone who wants to come, can come.  I am hoping for a fair turnout and welcome everyone!!!!!

Dress for comfort, I don't know what the weather will be like, but I don't expect everyone or anyone to wear Mariachi clothes, though if you REALLY want to, I promise I won't laugh too loudly....hehehe

Hope to see you there!!!!

Remember to RSVP as soon as you know!!!!

This message will repost itself in 2 weeks to remind you!!!!!!!!!!

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Ok, no takers.

So, nobody is taking me up on reading my nanowrimo novella. That's ok. I am still going to do it. I am at almost 14000 words now, so I am going to finish it up...wish me luck!

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