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Real women have curves

My thauts, don't laugh too much!

9 February 1967
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I am a BBW,(big beautiful woman) who has become only a BW, (-big). I am originally from South Dakota, probly the only person from SD you'll ever meet, either they don't admit it, or they don't leave. I am currently living on the San Francisco Bay area, specifically on the Penninsula. Always on the lookout for new people to gather and call friends. I like to chat with my family and friends, LOVE to sew and do crafts. I am a quilt-a-holic. I got married in July, 2002 in South Dakota, on the hottest possible day to get married. But we're still happy in spite of almost melting my hubby and his family. My body is MOSTLY used to the humidity and heat. I love to read, used to work at a bookstore, love to watch movies, both in the theatre and on DVD. I like most music, except rap and punk, although almost anything from the 80's is worth listening to.